2014 “Buddy Boris” Award Recipient: Dr. Blayne J. Gumm

2013 Board Certified Members:

Gayda G. Abulshamat, DDS
Yaquob Y. Alabwah, DDS
Fawaz M. Alzoubi, DMD
Aaron J. Brooks, DMD
Anthony S. Carroccia, DDS
Hui-Feng Chiu, DDS
So B. Choi, DDS
Peggy L. Dickson, DDS
William J.Dickson, DDS
Joel J. Doucette, DDS
Kenneth R. Dubois, DDS
Nicholas B. DuVall, DDS
Tuanh C. Halquist, DDS
Joanna B. Jaminska, DMD
Suzanne L. Jones, DDS
Khon H. Lien, DDS
Thu N. Luu, DMD
Ashley T. Mark,DMD
Michael T. McClure, DMD
Benjamin J. McGovern, DDS
Masoud Milani, DMD
Inaam A. Pedalino, DDS
Samuel J. Petrie, DDS
Tanya M.Robinson, DMD
Blake M. Rosacker, DMD
Mohammed Y. Sabti, DDS
Steven J. Todd, DDS

2013 Board Eligible Members:

Aqdar A. Akbar, DDS
Soha H. Alberouti, BDS
Hanadi M. Alenezi, BDM
Mohammed Al-Hajii, DDS
Michael M. Armstrong, DMD
Jason M. Bullock, DMD
Nathanial B. Caldon, DMD
Katherine L. Cheng, DDS
Ronnie M. Citro, DDS
Brain M. Clement, DDS
Nickoli Dubyk, DMD
Brandon M. Gage, DDS
Gregory M. Gittleman, DMD
Braken R. Godfrey, DDS
Jeremy D. Hamal, DDS
Emily T. Ibarra, DMD
Hussein Irhama, DDS
Michael L. Johnson, DDS
Christopher R. Jordan, DMD
Brian J. Kirkwood, DDS
Mir M. Khan, DDS
Yosrelden S. Koheil, DMD
Megan E. Lichtwardt, DMD
Troy K. Lundrell, DMD
David G. MacPherson, DDS
Deidra E. McLean, DDS
Benjamin R.Methvin,DMD
Patrick B. Parsons, DDS
Anita M. Shade, DDS
Ryan D. Swiss, DDS
Faiza, Talybova, DDS
Bryan M. Wilson, DDS

American Board of General Dentistry 2014 Testing Information

Exam Type
Exam Date
Application Deadline
Written Exam
MIlitary Facility or Tampa
March 14
February 5
Oral Exam
May 1-4
February 1
Written Exam
Written Exam
AGD Meeting: Detroit, MI
Military Facility
June 27
June 27
April 27
April 27


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• NEW 2014 Outcome Assessment Test

The test question format has been modified to reflect clinical situations in the various disciplines. This will help program directors better assess a resident’s clinical understanding of didactic knowledge.

***Upcoming ABGD Events***

ABGD Events held at the Sheraton/Tampa Airport/Westshore, Tampa, FL
May 1-4, 2014 ABGD Oral Examinations

Thursday, May 1st
~ Block 1
Case Treatment Planning & Rationale
Friday, May 2nd
Discipline-Specific Oral Examination
(administered in 8 testing sessions during a 4 hour period)
Saturday, May 3rd
~ Block 2
Case Treatment Planning & Rationale
Sunday, May 4th
Discipline-Specific Oral Examination
(administered in 8 testing sessions during a 4 hour period)

ABGD Events held at Residency Programs – Conducted throughout the U.S.

May-September Outcomes Assessment

ABGD Written Exam 2014

Friday, March 14 Military Facilty or ABGD Testing Site-Tampa, FL
Friday, June 27 Military Facilty or AGD Meeting-Detroit, MI