The Mission of the American Board of General Dentistry
To elevate the standards and advance the sciences and arts of General Dentistry by encouraging its study and improving its practice.


In order to fulfill these objectives, the Board shall establish qualifications of fitness and competency whereby a candidate may be evaluated, and shall examine qualified candidates accordingly.  Those meeting the qualifications and passing all of the examinations shall be granted certificates in evidence thereof.  The Board may perform such other duties as will advance the cause of General Dentistry in its purpose to provide optimum healthcare.

History and Description of the ABGD

The Certifying Board of General Dentistry was incorporated in 1984, under the laws of the State of Illinois, as a not-for-profit organization. In 1997, the name was changed to the American Board of General Dentistry (ABGD).

The ABGD was organized to fulfill the following objectives and responsibilities:

  1. To elevate the standards and advance the science and art of general dentistry by encouraging its study and improving its practice;
  2. To examine and determine the qualifications and proficiency of dentists who voluntarily apply to the Board for certification;
  3. To grant and issue certificates in general dentistry to qualified candidates; and
  4. To maintain a registry of all dentists certified and to verify the credentials of those certified upon request.

The Certificate

The certificate conferred by the American Board of General Dentistry may be used for credentialing purposes only. Certification does not confer legal qualification, privilege, or license to practice general dentistry. The certificate shall not be held out to the public as evidence of superior skill and/or knowledge. The Board does not intend in any way to interfere with or limit the professional activities of any duly licensed general dentist who is not certified by this Board.

Titles to all certificates shall remain the property of the American Board of General Dentistry, but each person to whom a certificate is issued shall be entitled to its possession until it is revoked or voluntarily returned.

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