There are significant reasons why AEGD and GPR Program Directors should choose the ABGD pre/post-test outcomes assessment exam as a tool to measure program/resident performance.  First and foremost, our examination has been specifically designed for such programs and it tests for depth of knowledge in all specialty areas of dentistry.  The Board of Directors puts a great deal of time and energy into the development of relevant and clinically applicable questions which accurately tests for the proper understanding of basic and advanced concepts.  Furthermore, the ABGD exam meets the American Dental Association Accreditation standards for Advanced Education Programs in General Dentistry and General Practice Residency.

Every year the ABGD exam undergoes evaluation by an independent service which analyzes the statistical significance of each question and each test based upon examinee performance.  As a result, the ABGD can be assured of optimum quality and significant relevance of its testing product.  In addition, each program receives a detailed report which includes each resident’s test results for each specific discipline and also how that resident compares to the national average.  The Program Director can then utilize this information to determine program strengths and weakness and subsequently which specialty areas will require additional attention or modification for the upcoming year.  

The ABGD can state unequivocally that its outcome assessment exam is second to none and sets the bar for excellence.  It is the “gold standard” by which all other exams can be compared.  Offer your residents the best possible tool for measuring the learning process and transfer of information by incorporating the ABGD outcomes assessment exam into your program of higher learning.

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