The ABGD Board has developed an official ABGD logo in response to member requests. The ABGD logo is currently available for use by Board Certified dentists only, who are in good standing with the ABGD. The following guidelines were established to provide Board Certified dentist with a consistent framework in which the ABGD logo may be used:

  1. The ABGD logo and its rights are the exclusive property of the American Board of General Dentistry.
  2. The logo is defined as the pentagon and the accompanying wording ‘American Board of General Dentistry.
  3. Only ABGD Board Certified dentists in good standing may use the logo for professional identity. ABGD
  4. The ABGD logo may be limited for use on stationary, business cards and office forms with the exception of billing statements, informed consent forms, patient instruction forms, and office policy statements.
  5. The ABGD logo may be limited to one appearance only on an ABGD Board Certified dentists website, either on the home page or the first page, to establish the Board Certified status of the dentist.
  6. The ABGD logo may not be enlarged or altered in color (lavender or black and white), proportion or in any other fashion that may distort the logo.
  7. The ABGD logo shall not be used to promote commercial endorsements or imply endorsement by the American Board of General Dentistry
  8. The ABGD reserves the right to restrict public usage of their logo. All requests to use the ABGD logo in a fashion not otherwise stated in the guidelines must first be addressed by sending a written request to the ABGD Board of Directors. All decisions by the ABGD are final.

Any Board Certified dentist who is found violating the logo guidelines will be sent written notification to correct the matter. If the dentist continues to violate the logo guidelines, the Board will have the right to revoke the dentist’s certificate.