History of the Award

In 2004, the Frank “Buddy” Boris Memorial Award for Distinguished Service was created to honor Dr. Boris and recognize individuals whose service to the ABGD is truly distinguished and reflects the attributes that Buddy possessed – enthusiasm, dedication, commitment, integrity and selflessness. Dr. Frank “Buddy” Boris was a tireless servant for the American Board of General Dentistry. For many years he promoted the mission of the ABGD and freely donated his time and expertise to the advancement of the ABGD ideals.

2019 Recipient Dr. Randolph Coffey

Dr. Randolph Coffey has served the Board as a deputy examiner for the Oral Exam for multiple examinations. He served as a Board director for 6 years including serving as President in 2016-2017. Dr. Coffey has been a regular fixture promoting the ABGD at AGD Annual Meetings and continues to serve as a deputy examiner for the Oral Exam.

2018Dr. Jon Dossett served the Board as a deputy examiner and grader for the Written Standardized Treatment Plan section of the Oral Exam. He subsequently served as a Board director for 6 years including serving as President in 2015. Dr. Dossett has continued his support of the Board by returning as a grader for the Oral Standardized Treatment Plan section of the Oral Exam.
2017Dr. Imbery served as a member of the ABGD Board of Directors from 2010-2016, and as ABGD President 2012-2013. He has worked to promote the mission of the ABGD.

Dr. Miniotis initially served the Board as a deputy examiner for the oral examination, traveling from as far as Alaska to volunteer. Subsequently, he served on the Board for 6 years, ending as President in 2014. While serving on many subcommittees for the Board, he willingly offered his expertise to improve the quality of the written and oral examinations, directed initial validation of our testing methods and pursued options for recognizing comprehensive dentistry as a dental specialty. He identified and submitted a number of oral treatment planning cases for use by the Board in the examination process.

Special Boris Award to Sandra Mitchell.
Sandra Mitchell was the long time Executive Director for the ABGD. The Board made a special exception in 2016 to award a second Boris Award to Sandra. The Board recognized Sandra’s exceptional service to the Board, greatly in excess of her contractual responsibilities, and solely voluntarily, because of her passion and dedication to the Board’s mission.

2015No recipient selected for 2015
2014Since serving on the ABGD Board of Directors 2004-2010, Dr. Blayne J. Gumm has continued to support the ABGD through a number of activities. He has visited AEGD programs to promote the benefits of ABGD certification and is a yearly presence at the AGD convention, advocating for the ABGD. He acts as a mentor for a number of candidates each year for the written and oral exams. He has served as a treatment plan grader, submitted cases for treatment planning examinations, and has provided materials and logistical support.
2013Dr. Robert Manga was President of the ABGD for the 2010-2011 term and served as an ABGD Director 2004-2010. Dr. Manga devoted many hours of his personal time promoting and volunteering for the ABGD.
2012Dr. Alfred J. Certosimo was President of the ABGD for the 2008-2009 term. He actively promoted the pathway to ABGD board certification to AGD Masters and GPR/AEGD graduates.
2011Dr. J. Frank Collins, was an original founding director of the ABGD. Throughout the history of the ABGD he worked diligently, behind the scenes to promote the organization’s membership. He was an inspiration to many of his subsequent board members.
2010Dr. Walter “Chuck” Janson was President of the ABGD during the management transition from the AGD. He spent countless hours evaluating management companies, selecting a manager, then training for the particular needs of the ABGD. During this time he graciously stored ABGD’s historical materials in his home and office.
2009Dr. Len Anglis goal was to retire the remaining financial commitment to the AGD, Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Anglis spearheaded fundraisers and donated his time freely. He personally contributed generously to realize his dream. At the end of his term as President, he had the honor of presenting the final payment to the AGD President.
2008Dr. and Mrs. Ernie DeWald volunteered a tremendous amount of time yearly helping to facilitate the many aspects of ABGD events held during the AGD Annual Meetings. Dr. DeWald also served as President of the ABGD.
2007Dr. Priscilla Hamilton served two terms as a member of the ABGD Board of Directors and later served as Deputy Examiner for the Oral Board Examination. In addition, she has worked diligently to support the ABGD in a number of different activities and continues to promote the mission of the ABGD.
2006Dr. Jim Curtis served as President during the merger with the FSBGD and the ABGD. Dr. Curtis worked diligently to ensure a seamless process in the merger.
2005Dr. Mac Eddington was one of the original founding directors of the ABGD. He also served as President of the ABGD, and has served as a Deputy Examiner. He remains actively involved in promoting the many benefits of the ABGD to other dental organizations.
2004Dr. Tom Hilton was the first recipient of the “Buddy” Boris Award. He was instrumental in advocating the merger between the FSBGD, Federal Services Board of General Dentistry, and the ABGD, American Board of General Dentistry.


The award is given for exceptional commitment to the Board mission, by providing extraordinary volunteer service.
The award is given to any individual who selflessly supports ABGD.
Nominations are presented and the vote is held by the ABGD Board of Directors during the Fall Business Meeting.
Recipients are awarded during the ABGD Annual Reception at the AGD Annual Meeting.
For additional award information contact the ABGD office:assistant@americanboardofgeneraldentistry.org